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My Experience with a Local Toronto Locksmith

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I’m a sports fan, and to be more specific I’m a fan of the Toronto Raptors. I’ve always been a huge basketball fan, and I was so thrilled when the Raptors joined the NBA in 1995. From the days of Vince Carter to Chris Bosh and now Kyle Lowry, I’ve never failed to follow the team’s games.

However, what I want to talk to you about today isn’t the Raptors but of my wonderful experience with a local Toronto locksmith. You see I had just moved to a new house, and I wasn’t too happy with the way the locks looked. I decided to try the different locks around the place and in the course of my experiment, locked myself out of the house, with the keys inside!

local toronto locksmith

Worst of all, the Raptors had a game tonight, what was I going to do?

I did some quick research on the web and found a locksmith named Mike and called him immediately. It was a Thursday when I called, and I told him what happened. I said if he could come soon please do so, and he said sure. Sure enough, Mike showed up at my door less than ten minutes later, and I was very happy to see him.

I showed Mike the door and explained to him what happened. He was very attentive and we talked a lot about locks and why this stuff happens, and he explained why having a duplicate key is very important. Anyway, I got a call and had to pick up a few things, and I let him do his thing. After a few minutes he was able to get the door open.

Excellent Service

If that was all Mike did I would’ve been more than happy, but he actually inspected all the doors and agreed with me that they could use improvement. I showed him all the doors around the house and what I wanted done, and he listened carefully, asking questions here and there.  I felt like he was the top emergency locksmith from Toronto that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Mike started inspecting the doors, and when he noticed something odd, like the plastic screw on one of them, he told me about and said it should be replaced with metal. He went back to his van, got some tools out and replaced the plastic with a metal screw. All in all, Mike did an excellent job, and his fee was very reasonable, and he worked fast too.