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Uber in Toronto Review: Why I Love Uber

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I’ve been using Uber for around 7-8 months and I absolutely love it.  Here’s my review of Uber and my experiences.

I’d like to mention that you can also try Uber for free by using one of the free Toronto promo codes floating around for Uber the web, which usually give you a 15 or 25$ ride (depending on the code)

The first time I used Uber I was surprised by how convenient it was.  It was hard to believe I could call an Uber to pick me up with a few seconds spent on the app.  Usually when I try to call a cab, I  have to call a couple of companies (because the lines are busy), and even then it takes 10-15 minutes for a cab to arrive.  On the other hand, with Uber, the average pick up time is much faster at that same location (5-7 minutes).

Customer service is far better in the Uber.  Toronto cab drivers have a bad reputation of being rude, refusing rides, and only accepting cash.  There have been so many times where they’ve said they dont’ accept credit, or they charge an extra fee for using credit or debit.

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Uber is far simpler.  Its cashfree  and linked to your credit card… thus making getting in and out incredible hassle free.  Uber is a modern service… with convenience and ease that is far superior than traditional taxi cabs.

Also UberX is significantly cheaper than taxi cabs, by at least 15-20%.  Not to mention there’s no tipping involved with Uber which is a major plus.

Additionally, with Uber, anything that you lose, you can easily retrieve, because of the fact that the app stores the information of your driver.  So if you lose your phone its very easy to get back, unlike with a cab.

Uber is far more of an effective and enjoyable service than hiring cabs.  I’ve had a great time, and have no issues with recommending Uber to my friends and family, wherever they are.