My Favorite TV Ads of the Year

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Some people don’t like ads, but I love them. When done right, ads can be funny, insightful or both. Several commercials have come and gone this year, but the following are the best.

Snickers with Danny Trejo

There’s nothing quite like seeing Danny Trejo in the world of the Brady Bunch, and add to that Steve Buscemi, and it makes for a very memorable ad.


This is one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials, and seeing Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec cut the promo is perfect. And yes, this ad wouldn’t have worked at all if it wasn’t for Nick.

Bud Light Pac Man

One of my biggest fantasies is to be a real-life Pac Man, so I got goosebumps just watching this ad. Pac Man and Bud Light, what’s not to like?

Clash of Clans with Liam Neeson

I always get a thrill just listening to Liam threatening his enemies on film, and listening to him in this Clash of Clans ad is epic. If you’re among the few who haven’t seen this, you should, because it’s cool.

Game of War Super Bowl Ad

If you need any more reasons to buy and play Game of War, how about Kate Upton riding a horse and wearing armor? This ad is directed towards certain audiences, and it definitely works!

T Mobile with Kim Kardashian

My favorite celebs are those who like to make fun of themselves, and this commercial shows Kim is one of those. What really makes it a riot is the way Kim delivers her lines, and it’s just plain funny.

The Verizon BlackBerry 7

Created by Kitchener’s own Memory Tree, this simple, straightforward ad showcases the best that the BlackBerry 7 has to offer. With its refreshing approach, the ad shows how the smartphone helps CEOs get the job done, and how it can help ordinary folks too.

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